The Rise of Love Bracelets And How To Choose One For Your Partner

Before choosing love bracelets, there are many parameters to take into account, such as style and size. Not to mention the choice of metal, absolutely essential. Discover all you need to know about white gold, yellow gold and silver.

Choose the color of my bracelet

To select the metal most in line with your desires, the first point to consider is the color of the jewel. All women display preferences between yellow and white jewelry, according to their tastes, their complexion, and so on. The ideal is not to rush when buying and ask the right questions, this bracelet will he go and showcase me? For costume jewelry, the best is to follow your instincts since you do not take risks by spending only a few dollars in a bracelet. On the other hand, if it is jewelry bracelet for a special occasion like birth of a child, birthdays, and wedding anniversary, find out exactly the ideal jewel color for your complexion. There are some rules in this area. If you have white skin and blond hair, choose yellow gold jewelry. Good-looking effect is guaranteed. Brown women with a porcelain complexion will turn to silver or white gold jewelry. For mixed skin, it is recommended to choose a yellow gold bracelet. For women with black skin, cold colors are preferred, so money, white gold or platinum. Do not hesitate to adorn colorful bracelets, sublime on dark skin.

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White or yellow gold for a precious bracelet

For a bracelet dear to your heart, it is better to favor the gold, which is more valuable and ages better in time. The advantage of gold is that you can choose your favorite color, such as yellow, white, gray and pink. There are many models of bracelets on the market. To help you in your choice, start by knowing if you want to wear this bracelet everyday or just for special occasions. A white gold bracelet set with diamonds is not the most recommended to be flown every day. In all cases, if you opt for gold, demand to receive a certificate of authenticity of your jewel from the seller. Platinum is finally a great solution if you are looking for even more quality. It is ideal for a bracelet to transmit from generation to generation.

Money for a fancy bracelet

Silver jewelry is the most popular bracelet with stars because they have the advantage of being higher quality than gold. The price range of silver jewelry is quite wide because it depends on the alloys. For an important bracelet, the best is to opt for an alloy composed of 96% of silver and 4% of copper. It is important to distinguish between solid silver jewelry i.e. jewelry made of real silver and silver-plated jewelry. For sterling silver bracelets, you can also request a certificate of authenticity. It should also be known that silver is the whitest metal, but the least durable over time. This metal being softer than gold, it will indeed more easily marks and scratches. Clean it regularly.

Tips to customize your jewelry

In the past, customers had to spend a fortune to have personalized adornments. Indeed, only luxury jewelers offered this kind of services. In addition, it was imperative to choose between gold accessories, coins set with precious stones or made from other noble materials. Which does not necessarily fit in everyone’s budgets? Today, the market situation has changed particularly. An original jewel remains affordable and can be ordered from specialized stores. The delivery time depends primarily on the shops, but this usually does not exceed 72 hours. Indeed, the technological revolution has made the materials used for engraving and screen printing are more efficient and give aesthetic results.

In addition, the possibilities of customization are more varied. If previously, workshops were limited to nominative accessories, now all ideas are feasible. All that is needed is to appeal to creativity. For example, you can engrave romantic quotes or soft words on a bracelet. Thus, the beloved can read these messages of love as soon as she wishes. It is also possible to print a photo on a pendant. Everyone can then highlight a precious moment of life on a given adornment. Moreover, instead of being limited to classic specimens, online stores currently offer a wide selection of models to allow everyone to choose jewelry trend.

We save money and time

To pick up a bracelet that will be comfortable to wear and meet the aesthetic requirements is quite easy. The choice is complicated only by the countless variety of models and materials from which they are made. The catalog of online store Gold contains photos and descriptions of bracelets, by which you can quickly evaluate the presented models. Also in the product cards you will find information on discounts like 30, 40 and even 70%, have time to enjoy a bargain. Another advantage of ordering a bracelet on website is free shipping throughout the country.

Choosing women’s soft bracelets

How to navigate among the many models, photos of which you will find with us? We will give you some useful tips that will save your time and make a successful purchase:

Actively use filters: they will help you more clearly formulate the requirement for the desired model and highlight those that are right for you. You can sort jewelry by price and manufacturer, by inserts used and metal characteristics.

Decide on the length of the bracelet: do you want it to wrap tightly around your wrist or hang loose? But remember, if the bracelet is too loose, you risk losing it. Optimally pick up the product, the length of which will not allow the decoration to slip off with a relaxed hand.

Remember that bracelets with pendants are designed for special occasions, for everyday use it is better to buy a bracelet without them, because there is a risk that the pendant will cling to the sleeve or other items of clothing.